Lazada’s impact on the progress of local e-commerce

progress of L.E

The Philippines’ online shopping mall Lazada have celebrated its first anniversary in the local e-commerce business. The Philippines has been a launch pad of different business opportunities, business opportunities that sounded a bit crazy and impossible to pull off in a third world economy like ours, an example is the MLM or the network marketing industry in which the Philippines is always the prime consideration of foreign companies when it comes to pulling off a start-up simply because of the country’s strategic location and the Filipino people’s naturally proclivity towards connecting with people. The same thing can be said about online shopping and e-commerce, looking at online commerce at first glance, it seemed like it is not going to be a feasible thing to do in a country that is still developing but look at where e-commerce and the I.T industry is at now, the internet economy is thriving more than ever in the Philippines because of the increasing globalization and internet connectivity of a lot of people. The launching of Lazada Philippines was a very significant event in Philippine e-commerce because it further proved that this type of industry has a place and can be adopted by local consumers. To highlight the positive benefits and impact of Lazada Ph to the local e-commerce economy, I would like to show a quick summary of what the company’s contribution are so far. Here goes the quick list.

Positive impacts that benefits consumers:

Convenience of shopping in the comforts of your own home – customers can avoid standing in long lines at the department store cashier when buying a small item. Instead, you can simply go online, click on the item that you need to get and have it delivered free of charge. Also, since the company offers the cash on delivery payment service, you are assured that the transaction is as simple as paying in an actual department store cashier. It’s like hitting to birds with just one piece of pebble or stone. You get the convenience of online shopping along with the ease of payment transaction that a department store offers.

Minimize travel and parking fees – since you are shopping within the confines and comfort of your own home, it is also going to have a direct impact on your travel expenses. Think about, less drive means less gas and parking expense.

You get to make informed decisions through real reviews and feedback from actual customers – Gone are the days when you had to make a buying decision based solely on what the sales person is telling you. When you are online shopping, you can take it slow to make sure that you are making an informed decision when it comes to buying a certain product.

Impacts to other businesses and e-commerce in general:

As more and more people are getting aware of online shopping through Lazada Online Mall, their horizons also expand and prompts them to check other online stores as well which also helps small businesses get a piece of the action.

With the rate things are going, there is nothing to expect but progression in the near future and the Philippines online shopping mall is going to be on the forefront of that.


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