Lazada online Shop: Dependability is their business


I jumped into Lazada online shop online shopping because of their unquestioned reliability. I am very fussy when it comes to selecting online shopping websites. I follow straightforward yet effective procedures in gauging the dependability of the website. Reviews, testimonials and such from other folks matter but they are not the sole criteria that put into play in determining if I am going to rely on a particular website or not. I utilize a set of guide questions to make things easier for me. The questions are intended to help me in scraping off information on the Internet easily and efficiently. I am going to let you in on some of my practices. We are also going to look into how Lazada does in each guide question.

Is the website always updated? – try to find out if the content, items on sale, the website in general and such constantly updated. If you have been seeing the same content and stuff over and over again then there is a huge chance that there is something amiss there. The Philippines’ online shopping mall is always updated and easily gets the highest rating in this criterion.

Another question is, do they have a live customer service number or a phone hotline? And if they do have it, are you able to dial the number and get in touch with a real live helpful customer service. This is a very crucial item and is a great determining factor if in determining the reliability and trustworthiness of an online shopping website. It is very important for an online shopping website to have a live customer support number that consumers can call in case of problems with orders. Having a professional, well-trained, personable and knowledgeable customer support personnel on the phone instils confidence in the buyer. Like what I have experienced when I called Lazada customer service hotline. The customer service personell literally had me at hello. His energy was infectious and his demeanor was so professional that it urged me to buy a lot of stuff during that day. An A-plus rating on this one for Lazada.

Does the website have a PCI-DSS logo? – This is the best no non-sense indicator that a website is safe and reliable. PCI-DSS is a committee that regulates credit card transactions on e-commerce websites. Having this seal of on a website ensures that a website is safe from security vulnerabilities that are related to credit card transactions.

Last thing is the office address – A physical address is an indicator that the company has a real business going on. I mean even the most virtual of the virtual companies has a small office space that they run their operations out of. The great news is that the company has an actual physical address listed on the website. The office is located right in the middle of the country’s premier business center which is of course is in Makati. If that does not inspire confidence when it comes to the reliability of this website then I don’t know what is.



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