You gotta pay your dues son: Easy payment methods provided by Lazada

you gotta pay your dues

As a satisfied repeat online shopper at Lazada PH I think it is my duty to share my wonderful online shopping experience to the denizens of that vast digital parallel universe called the Internet. On top of the great online shopping selections that the company offers, the service that I dig the most is the methods of payment available. It is not really a service but I like to call it like that because a company that allows its customers to get off easier is providing great customer service to its clients. Currently, there are two convenient ways to pay the items that you got from them and here they are:


Credit Card Payment – why do I have the feeling that you are already expecting this? Because you really were expecting that this is going to come up as the top method of payment that this online retail company will offer. Yes they offer credit card payments. Are you not surprised? (Did you sense the hint of sarcasm right there? Lol!) I mean what is an online shopping company that does not offer this very convenient way of making a payment for your online purchases. Despite the security issues that plagued the credit card industry and the countless reports of fraudulent transactions being perpetuated against credit card users both online and off-line, I am glad to tell you that credit cards are here to stay and they are more sophisticated than ever plus online shopping companies are also very keen on beefing up their security measures and protocols to ensure credit card users that credit card payment is still the most convenient, safest payment method to utilize online. The Philippines online company is ahead of the game in terms of credit card payment processing. Their security protocols are first-rate, current and compliant with the standards set forth by the security council called PCI-DSS. PCI-DSS is the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. It was a council formed by leading financial entities. Those financial institutions are MasterCard, American Express, Visa, Discover and JCB. Together they formulated sets of protocols to regulate online credit processing on online businesses that accept this method of payment as payment for the merchandise and services that they are offering on their website and that means pretty much all of the e-commerce and online shopping websites are under the council’s governance. The committee pretty much audit most online businesses that are involved in processing credit card payments to ensure that customer credit card information is handled well and in accordance to established guidelines set forth by the organization. My confidence in Lazada Online Mall sky rocketed several thousand notches higher when my eyes laid its gaze on the PCI-DSS logo that is conspicuously displayed on the site. My experience using a credit card to pay for the item I bought from the company was a very pleasant one. I didn’t worry, not even a single bit. So props to the Philippines’ online shopping mall for that.


Cash on delivery – need I say more? It’s cash on delivery baby. It couldn’t get as simple as that. All you got to do is get online, access your account, get your shopping cart rolling, grab some items then proceed to check-out and have that bad boy you got there delivered to your doorstep. When delivery dude comes in, pull out some fresh, crispy bills off your stash then slap them on the delivery guy’s eager and sweaty palms. That’s just about it. It’s that easy. Now you could crack open a cold one and start enjoying your new acquisition. There’s no greater feeling in the world.


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