Lazada Online Mall: Helping start-ups get off the ground is Rocket-Internet’s business

The company behind Lazada is no ordinary business entity. They are highly regarded in the online venture building industry and have been in the business for more than a decade now doing what they do best which is of course helping out start-ups get on their feet fast, get them up to speed and shorten the time it takes to reach success. That company is no other than Rocket-Internet of Berlin Germany. The company was a brainchild of the world renowned Samwer Brothers. The business goal of the company is to search for viable Internet business ideas all over the World Wide Web and repeat their success and viability somewhere else like in their own country (Germany) or other regions like Asia and countries like the Philippines which of course where they started the Philippines first and pioneer online shopping mall Lazada Ph.  Majority of their ideas are coming from e-commerce and online shopping websites located in the United States.

If you thought that Lazada online shop has considerable similarities with then you are right on target because that is the actual website where the concept came from. They call those replicated websites clones and most of the time these cloned websites turn into such a big hit that they always almost end up being acquired by the original company from which the idea was replicated from. A very good example of that kind of acquisition was the merger that happened between Groupon and the Rocket-Internet incubated website called Citydeal. Groupon is of course a very popular deal of the day website based out of Chicago Illinois. The offer discounted gift certificates that can be used for purchase or services on a wide range of participating merchants. Their business idea was so successful that it eventually caught the eyes of the visionary founders of Rocket-Internet which prompted the launching of another deal of the day website in their home country Germany and later on expanded to service nearby countries as well like Turkey, Ireland, France, Spain, Sweden, Austria, The Netherlands and United Kingdom.

After operating profitably for about a year, the company (Groupon) from which the idea came from showed interest in acquiring Citydeal so they could expand on servicing the largely untapped and emerging European markets. So Groupon acquired Citydeal and rebranded the company under the Groupon name brand. Analysing how the online business venture building and start-up incubation works, I could say that it was indeed a very smart business strategy that lessens the so called start-up growing pains associated with businesses that are being built from the ground up. The same procedure was employed when the Philippines online shopping mall came into existence. Looking at the trends of those prior start-ups that Rocket-Internet help to get off the ground, it is not going to be that surprising if the popular suddenly shows interest in doing the same thing that Groupon did when they spotted Citydeal. At the rate the Lazada Ph is going in terms of profitability, I know that it is just a matter of time before knocks on the door and offer them something that they wouldn’t be able to refuse.


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