LazadaPH: A very interactive and dynamic website


My favorite online shopping website LazadaPH is probably one of the best if not the best online shopping websites and online retail companies out there. The entire experience of basically just browsing around looking for stuff to buy, enjoying the feeling of looking at new gadgets and plain overall soaking in the atmosphere of retail bliss. That feeling is raw and it is what it is. It is pure enjoyment, pure fun just for the heck of it. Going to the technical aspects of it I would say that it is a well-made website. Look at the colors that the developers clothed it with and you can tell the professionalism, the uncanny attention to detail and aesthetic inclinations of those genuine, intelligent and wonderful individuals who forms the team that created that sublime piece of art. I didn’t mean to unload a whole bunch of artsy-fartsy dabbler type of comments but I could not help but dish out those seemingly dilettante comments right there.


Okay now let’s go to what we can find on the website and the sort of information that will help you out in maximizing your online shopping enjoyment with them. First off I want to talk about the things or the information that you could find under the customer services section. First one is the contact us page, this is a form that you fill out with your email address and comments, questions or suggestions to be sent out to the company. Albeit this is already a very common feature on a lot of websites nowadays, you may occasionally still find a website that does not have this feature and the company is commendable for putting out a form like this which is really helpful for non-urgent questions and concerns like general inquiries and such. I tried using the form and to my surprise the response was really fast. I got my inquiry answered in less than four hours from the time I sent it in which is not the usual experience that I got from previous websites that I have dealt with in the same manner.


Lazada Online Shop really did come through on this one. The second feature that I want to talk about is the “Help” section which is pretty much an FAQ list that answers questions that consumers are most likely to have when doing online shopping. What I love about their FAQ section is that it is written in plain, straightforward English that is very easy to understand and free of jargons and grammatical errors. Also the questions cover most of the likely concerns that a new online shopper on their website might have. I have perused the entire FAQ section and I felt really well informed about the company policies afterwards. In fact I didn’t really feel that there was a need for me to get in touch with a customer service representative anymore because everything is right there. It was a great experience so far and I would keep coming back to this awesome online retail company.


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