Lazada Online Store: Making e-Commerce a lot better

a lot better

A lot of things have changed ever since Lazada online shop came into the Philippine market. Online shopping and shopping in general has never been the same with this amazing online retail company on the back drop. Things have changed when it comes to doing business on the internet and most of the changes have been positive so far and everything all goes back to the Philippines number one online shopping mall, my favorite and the only online retail outlet that I support hands down of course it is Lazada PH I was thinking of the online situation and how it was pre-Lazada. I cannot really recall that much things happening because there really was not much to remember. There was not really that much going on in the online retail business because there are not really that much online shopping stores around ( I am talking about the situation locally and not overseas) I could remember that the market has been dominated by what I call the flea market websites.


Websites that provides a platform for online sellers and buyers to get involved in transacting stuff mostly selling and buying second items. If you have heard of the catch phrase hanap… then you probably know what I am talking about. That was how I shop online prior to the introduction of the online retail websites that we got today just like the Philippines’ online shopping mall. I was so into buying things second hand back then to the point that I got my room filled up with all the stuff I bought from a lot of sellers that I came into contact with and heck I was not even a collector of things. It was that I simply loved purchasing second hand items period. I think it was probably the impression that I am getting something on the cheap and that I am not blowing too much money which makes me feel less guilty about my shopping.


That is just me I feel or usually feel (not all the time) guilty if I buy things brand new. I guess the online marketplace business caters to those types of buyers like me who feel some sort of guilt whenever they are buying things brand new. I guess the biggest contribution of Lazada Ph is making online shopping accessible to everyone from class A to C, across all genders and demographics because of its seemingly cross-over appeal. It has a lot of shopping categories that almost guarantees that whoever the shopper is, he would not run out of online shopping options. The company also have brought in great deals and huge discounts. Small things that help consumers buy the things they want at a more affordable price. Since I have also mentioned the price, let me chime in on the payment methods that they offer as well, the company have made it easy for shoppers to pay for their items by providing multiple payment methods which one  of the major contributions that they brought in to the Philippine market. The company definitely made local  e-commerce a lot better.



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