Reliable delivery partner and safe online transactions are Lazada’s hallmarks


Online shopping has never been this popular and the Philippines is catching up, thanks to Lazada Online Shop we got to get a taste of how it is like to do some actual online shopping, order some items up and have them delivered to our doorsteps. Although a lot of people right now have more or less some experience in online shopping, still there would be a lot of new comers out there wondering if Lazada Philippines is a reliable online shopping website. Right now I am going to touch on the subject of reliability just so you wouldn’t have to go through a brief fact finding session. I will do that legwork for you. However I am going to tell you straight that this online retail merchant is as reliable as it gets but if you need some tangible proof then I will show you some. Here are the attributes that the Philippines’ online shopping mall has that made me say that they are the reliable online shopping website just like what they say they are.

Delivery partner – one important thing or consideration that an online shopper should look into is the company’s delivery partner. This is the most crucial thing because the item that you will order online is not going to get to you without a reliable courier delivery partner. The company did not cut corners on this one. They exerted the effort to do this right by getting the most reliable courier service providers in the country today. They got the services of LBC and 2GO. LBC of course does not need any extensive introduction as they have been in the business for quite some time now. I personally use LBC for my courier forwarding needs and I got nothing but praise for this company. I never, not even once had any trouble with my shipments. In terms of 2GO’s background, this company might sound like a new player in the business but trust me that they are not. This company is former Negros Navigation which is one of the oldest shipping companies in the Philippines. They got the new name 2GO because they underwent rebranding several years ago. Lazada Ph’s partnership with these companies ensures that the items online shoppers are purchasing will get to them on time and in excellent condition. Now that’s delivery reliability.


Online credit card transaction security – When it comes to safety and security of transactions, the company is not going to get left behind in that aspect. The website is guaranteed safe and secured by the security cancel called PCI-DSS. This council was formed by the following top financial institutions namely MasterCard, Visa, American Express, JCB and Discover. The aim of this council is to establish a set of protocols to ensure the safety of credit card information online. They are mainly focused on Internet merchants involved in handling consumer credit card information to protect consumers from security threats online. The company bears the PCI-DSS logo which means that your credit card information is guaranteed safe with the company.


So you heard it. The company is reliable and safe. Go ahead dive in and enjoy your shopping.


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