Expertise and a decade of experience propelled Lazada to greater heights

greater heights

It is 4:02 am been up all night doing all sorts of things on the Internet wasteland trolling well not exactly that but lurking and basically just skimming through my Facebook timeline switching screens back and forth from YouTube and back again. I don’t exactly tweet so I would not say a thing about that. I love reading articles too on my favorite news websites. I think that is the “in” thing nowadays, a lot of people are putting up information websites; I guess that is where the traffic is at. People are just hungry for information nowadays. There are lots of information to devour on the internet that our lifetime is not going to be enough to digest them all.


Anyway as I was reading through stuff on the Internet I came across some information about Lazada Online Shop ‘s business incubator called Rocket-Internet. That is right; the company that is Lazada is not a stand-alone company that came up by itself. It was brought from the ground up by an online business incubator/venture builder called Rocket-Internet. So here is what I have read about the company and I am going to make it brief, short and absolutely sweet. So here we go… Rocket-Internet is a Berlin Germany based venture builder and online start-up incubator. The Samwer Brothers started it up officially in 2007 but they have been building successful online businesses since 1999 which makes them legitimate veterans in the start-up incubation industry. The term online business incubator might sound kind of vague to the uninitiated so let’s pump in some light into it to make things a lot clearer. It works something like this, the company’s main line of business is to search for highly profitable Internet ideas on where else but in the information superhighway of course, the websites that where they usually get the ideas from are located in the United States where most of the top online businesses originated from.


After getting their sights on what they think is the  best business idea, they take it and build it up some place else like in their own  country (Germany) or another country mostly Asia (like how they did when they decided to put up the Philippines number one online shopping mall Lazada PH). The process is so effective that the cloned (that is the technical term for the business replication that they are doing) company is often acquired by the original company from where the initial idea came from. It is a very smart business idea because it takes away the guessing game or the trial and error stage of building a business thus reducing potential risks of failure and the “growing pains phase” of building a start-up venture. Most of the companies that have gone through their incubation process have proven to be very successful. It is no wonder that the Philippines’ online shopping mall is enjoying the profitability and success it has right now. Proven successful business idea plus a decade long of experience seems to be a perfect mix and that is what Rocket-Internet is.


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