Lazada PH: Making online shipping as easy as 1-2-3 for local consumers

easy shopping2

The introduction of Lazada PH into the Philippine online shopping market has a lot of positive effects to the industry and consumers as a whole. I am going to dip into a few considerable effects of having Lazada Philippines around for everyone to appreciate the company’s presence more. Their long laundry list of positive contributions to the industry is highly laudable, their presence is undeniably conspicuous and more success is imminent. This premier online retail company brought world class online shopping to the local shopping arena and is one of the first online companies to land on our shores. They provided local shoppers a real taste of what it is like to do actual online shopping as opposed to what a lot of us have gotten used to which was online marketplace/swap-meet style online buying and selling. I could remember how it was when I was really big into buying and selling stuff online.


The experience was really fun because there were lots of things up for sale that you probably wouldn’t find in regular stores. There are lots of vintage items, hard to find collectibles like toys, comics, baseball cards, books, used musical instruments, video games, perfume bottles, analog stuff and a whole lot more. The idea of the online marketplace came to me naturally as I am a born hoarder err I mean collector (hoarder is a pejorative term really) of rare and unique things. I consider those as investments because rare items can be sold for a profit to like-minded collectors. So it worked for me for a while. However I was also yearning for an online shopping store or website that could offer the standard department store shopping fare with the convenience of free delivery and I am sure that a lot of people who are online most of the time were thinking of the same thing. I was not a huge credit card user that was probably why I got hooked to online swap meets since the mode of payment for the items that I buy from online sellers is usually cash.


Although I have a credit card, I wasn’t that fond of using it online because prefer transacting the old fashioned way. That was one of the things that I like about what Lazada Online Shop brought in. They made online shopping possible for everyone even for those folks like me who prefers to pay using the old fashioned way. The company bridged the traditional way of making payments (which is of course cash payments) with the digital way of retailing through their introduction of the cash on delivery payment system. What is in it for everyone? It only means that anyone who has a valid home address and an Internet connection can do their online shopping through this website. It does not have to be like it was before when only those consumers who can pay by credit card can shop. Now all you need is just to get on the website, place your order and pay for the item you purchased once it is there on your doorstep. The Philippines’ online shopping mall really made online shopping easy for the average Pinoy shopper.


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