Lazada: Rocket-Internet is simply the best online venture builder

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We all know that LazadaPH is an e-commerce website. But what is e-commerce by the way aside from the obvious fact that the word is an abbreviation of electronic commerce. E-commerce is a type of industry where buying, selling and trading of products and services is carried out through non-traditional physical means that is through electronic and digital platforms like the Internet, phones etc.. Electronic commerce utilizes electronic mediums or technologies such as electronic funds transfer (EFT), mobile commerce, internet marketing, supply chain management, processing of online transaction, electronic data interchange, automated data collection systems and of course online shopping. Online shopping is probably the most visible and widely participated form of electronic commerce. It is one segment of the e-commerce industry where selling is the most important aspect. The effect of online shopping to the shopping habits of consumers is huge mostly because of the increased proliferation of internet access along with the introduction gadgets and devices that provides instantaneous Internet availability.

Nowadays, anyone could simply just switch his tablet PC on, get in on the Internet and start doing online shopping. That is how easy it is nowadays and it is turning e-commerce and online shopping into a very important aspect of commerce and trade that even traditional non-online businesses and stores are going after it and getting their stuff put out online. It may seem like they are band wagoners jumping into the proverbial Internet band wagon but the reality is they simply need to do it or else somebody else will beat them to it.Now going back to Lazada , this website is categorized under online retailing. The format is like that of a department store only that it is in a non-tangible form unlike its real counterpart, the shopping mall. Just a brief background about Lazada Ph, this premier online company was launched back in the first quarter of the so called doomsday year 2012.

An online shopping company patterned after North America’s online shopping pioneer with a brand name derived from South America’s largest and the world’s second longest river of course none other than I said it was patterned after because it really is. That was the intention of its parent company Rocket-Internet. Rocket-Internet’s business concept is to search for successful business ideas primarily on the Internet and replicate them on another country. They intended Lazada to be the of South East Asia. That intention or that vision as of the moment is not far from reality because Lazada right now is riding high on the waves of success. That is not too surprising either because that is a result that you can always expect from Rocket-Internet. They are the world’s fastest, largest and most dynamic online venture builder in the world bar none. In fact try to Google the term or phrase online venture builder and you sure will get Rocket-Internet on the top of your search results page. That is how powerful this company is and it ain’t no accident.

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