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As a consumer, paying for an item that you purchased from a store or from someone should be one of the easiest tasks in the process of shopping right? I am sure that you would agree because why the hell it should not be easy? We are customers and we are paying right? I am sure at one point or another that all of us have had some sort of experience having some difficulty in paying an item that we bought from a store. I am sure that most of us have experience getting turned down just because we are handing out a large bill that the store owner does not have a change on. That is a bummer right and that usually happened when you shop at small stores. The good thing is that you won’t experience that if you are shopping online especially if you are doing online shopping through Lazada because they make it very easy for their customers to pay for the item they purchased. In Lazada Philippines, it does not matter if you own a credit card or not. If you got some cash on you then you are good to go. Here is a quick rundown of the payment methods that they currently offer and how each one of them works, the benefits of each payment method and how reliable they are.

Credit Card Payment – The Company offers credit card payment. It is a given because credit cards are standard payment options for online shopping. They accept Visa and MasterCard plus you can even participate in promotional offers or deals associated with each card. The best thing about their credit card payment system is the security. The company is certified annually by PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) a security standards council for online businesses that are involved in processing credit card transactions for their customers. This certification guarantees that your credit card information is safe. If security of information is what you are worrying about or hindering you from enjoying the benefits of online shopping then this is the best online shopping website for you. Worry no more because the site is certified to be free from security threats by PCI-DSS. Want proof? Just look for the PCI-DSS seal that is located on the middle bottom part of the website. My experience with their credit card payment process has been outstanding so far and I have no complaints in terms of billing.

Dragon Pay – this payment option is an alternative online payment option for those people who wants the convenience similar to a credit card but without using an actual credit card. This online payment company is located locally and utilizes the Philippine banking network and other non-traditional establishments like convenience stores, business centers, remittance centers and pawnshops. The payment process is similar to the bills payment service being offered by the popular convenience store 711.

Cash on delivery – The most convenient way to pay your item. As the name implies, you just pay your item once it is delivered to your doorstep. That’s how simple it is.


Remember payment is easy with Lazada online shopping mall. You don’t have to worry about anything. All you got to do is enjoy your shopping.




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