Lazada is here to satisfy


The first Philippines’ online shopping mall Lazada is among the greatest things that graced local Philippine e-Commerce this year. It was my first brush with online retail and my first online shopping experience. Right now I just want to give everyone an overview of what this amazing online shopping company is about and where it came from. This company is the quickest expanding online shopping company in the country and is a mecca of premium products, great deals and promotions that could actually hold its own with other online shopping websites and traditional physical shopping malls. Lazada offers their online patrons a huge berth of online shopping item selections, delivery is absolutely free whether you are located in Metro Manila or the provinces, seven days return policy and a smorgasbord of alternative payment methods on top of course of the regular credit card payment, Dragonpay (a payment option that utilizes the local banking network and other business establishments to process your payment) and of course the local online shopper’s favorite and also my preferred way to pay for the items that I ordered; the cash on delivery payment.


The cash on delivery payment has become a staple for local shoppers because of its convenience and worry-free appeal. You do not have to worry about anything, all you got to do is place your order, wait for it to arrive and pay for it once it is there. No risks, no money up-front. It is pure shopping convenience that only the Lazada online shopping mall can offer. Let’s get on the online shopping categories, they got everything that a department store shopper might need like mobiles and tablets, computers and laptops, consumer electronics, cameras, home and living, home appliances, toys and babies, fashion and accessories, watches, health and beauty, travel and luggage, sporting goods, books, music and movies (original DVDs at great discounts so no need for you to be rolling around with your pirated DVD movie collection).


This online retail company is not without its parent company as it was actually conceptualized by an Internet Company with expertise and long history in online venture building. That company is of course Rocket-Internet, an online venture builder company based in Berlin Germany. Rocket-Internet began their online venture building journey back in 1999 building successful online companies reaching over 100 companies in its portfolio in over 40 countries all over the world. The headquarters is located in Berlin but they also got 25 offices in different countries including the Makati Philippines office. As of this writing Rocket-Internet has over 50 stand-alone and active portfolio ventures that includes popular names such as Zalora, Linio, Wimdu, Mizado and Zalando with most of them targeting multi-demographic markets. Looking at these solid credentials of the company behind the Philippines’ online shopping mall, it is not hard to figure out why they are currently enjoying the success that they are currently riding on and it is bound to get a lot better. So what are you waiting for, go ahead and indulge yourself, Lazada Philippines is here to satisfy your retail urges.





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