Positive environmental and local e-commerce impacts of Lazada

impacts of Lazada

The positive impacts of the Philippines’ online shopping mall Lazada PH are undeniably great. As more and more people are getting online and participating in e-commerce activities, Lazada PH definitely is going to be on the forefront of things. Thanks to the proliferation of the Internet. The availability of Internet access made it easier for Filipinos to get into the action. Anyway since we’re talking about the positive effects that my favorite online shopping company has brought to our local e-commerce industry, we’ll be going through those things that they have contributed so far and discuss them in detail.

The company has provided local online shoppers more advantages over regular store shopping – This online shopping company delivers better quality products at great prices to its consumers. The online format also allows rapid exchange of information amongst online consumers in terms of product features, reviews and actual product experiences. The ability to provide a feedback on the item being sold on their website is very helpful in the consumer decision making process on whether to buy a particular item or not. It gives consumers control and a sense of empowerment as they could contribute unbiased opinions regarding the viability of a certain product thus saving consumers time, effort and money as the chance of getting a product that they don’t really need becomes lesser with the help of the information that they got from customer feedbacks and comments. Overall, in this aspect, Lazada Ph have encouraged more online shoppers to participate by providing their opinions thus creating a local online community that is more dynamic, informed and knowledgeable.

Consumer empowerment – we talked about empowering the consumers earlier, that has been made possible by this online retailer by giving online shoppers the ability to self-serve since online shopping obviously does not require help from an actual sales representative. The avid online shopper can shop at his or her own pace resulting to more flexibility, more surplus time and of course convenience.

A greener environment – this may sound trivial for some people and it may not be a direct impact to local e-commerce but one of the positive impacts of the Philippines’ online shopping mall is of course a cleaner, greener environment. One may not notice it because the pollution level in the country is really high but if you are going to take a closer look at it and analyse what is going on, online shopping is one of the most fun earth saving activity that a retail junkie could participate in. How did it impact or how is it affecting the environment positively? Well shopping online obviously is done through a computer which means less travel to stores. Less travel translates to less driving and consumption of fossil fuels. The reduced consumption of fossil fuels or petroleum based products means fewer emissions from car engines that resulted to cleaner, more breathable air. This impact may not be that related to e-commerce but I am citing it anyways because of its importance.  That is the greatest impact of Lazada online shopping in my opinion.




Lazada PH Commercial


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