Lazada changed things for the better

for the better

There are multitudes of local online shopping companies out there but none of them have made quite a huge impact to our local e-commerce industry unlike what Lazada Online Mall did in the past several months from the time it was introduced. The company contributed to a lot of different aspects of local e-commerce socially and economically. First is the acceptance of online retail type of online shopping amongst local shoppers and those who regularly purchases items online. I remember not too long ago that the only type of online business that a lot of local netizens engage in is dealing in online market place and auction websites. I know because I have had some substantial experience participating in online deals through ebay, sulit, ayosdito and others. I have made some purchases through amazon too but it was not a complete online shopping experience because I had to get the item delivered to a relative’s address in the United States not that they do not deliver internationally but I was just hesitant because of perceived risks in having an item delivered overseas.


So I had the items delivered to my aunt’s address in California and just had her bring it home during one of her visits to the Philippines. As with my online dealing experiences through sulit and, they are pretty much an okay experience. I would not call it online shopping really because I never had even a single item that I purchased delivered to me through a courier service as I always prefer meeting up with the seller so I could inspect the item and see it with my own eyes before fully getting in on the deal and paying for it. If I like what I see then I will pay for it, if not then I could easily back out and just cover the seller’s transportation expense which is not really that much since I prefer meeting up on locations that are in close proximity to where I live. That is still online shopping but like what I said it was not complete because I still had to go out and travel to get the item just like going to a bazaar or a surplus shop. It was not until Lazada introduced a very convenient way to shop through their online shopping website.


The company changed the way a lot of local shoppers shop by making it much easier for them. Gone are the days when I have to really get to a location to meet up with an  online seller although I still ocassionally do when I am purchasing specialty items that are not found in the company’s online shopping categories but most of my online shopping nowadays are being done right in the comforts of my own home. All I got to do is to browse around, click on the item and head for check out. Easy does it. I Just pay for my item once it arrives because of the very convenient cash on delivery service that they offer. They really changed things for the better.



Lazada Philippines’ Commercial


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