The E-Cig Phase of My Life

I started smoking when I was in 3rd year college. I wasn’t influenced by my friends. In fact, they deprived me of it; telling me not to follow in their footsteps since it would be hard for me to turn back. Back then, I was confident that I had strong will power and that I could stop whenever I want. I wasn’t planning to smoke heavily. Just a few puffs will do. Was I so wrong…


I was never interested in smoking because I tried it once and I was incapable of smoking correctly. I always coughed and it was annoying so I didn’t see the point of trying it again. But when I was able to do it during one afternoon in college, I felt like it was a liberating feeling. It began with just asking for a few puffs from my friends’ cigarettes. Then it progressed to smoking one whole stick on my own. Soon, I was able to smoke a few sticks in a day. Soon enough I was able to smoke a whole pack while drinking with buds. I was even able to smoke reds when I was drunk.


I knew I had to stop at one point, but it was a good feeling to have after a nice meal, while waiting for a friend, or while sharing many drinks with friends. After 2 years of being a smoker, a friend introduced me to the e-cigarette. I was skeptic at first but seeing how he was able to stop smoking and rely on it, I thought “Why not?” I bought the same model he had. He told me not to instantly rely on it. I should use it alternately with a real cigarette so that I wouldn’t give up in case I wasn’t completely satisfied with it. He also instructed me to choose the right nicotine dosage for me regarding juice. After a month, I completely gave up on smoking and am depending on vaping. But I haven’t lowered down the nicotine content though. Maybe soon I can. One at a time. Another friend of mine wants to stop, too. I recommended Lazada’s ecig. I saw that they carry ecigs now.


Lazada Pink Ego-T E-Cigarette Cigar 1100mah Pack of 2


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