Lazada: Different payment methods make for an enjoyable shopping experience

payment online

There are several things that I look for when I go check an online shopping website out and one of those is the payment methods that the website offers. The payment method is one of the first concerns that a would be online shopper should worry about because most online shopping websites only accepts non-physical electronic means of payments for the products that they sell on their website and that payment method is normally through credit cards. The great thing is and we are very fortunate that it is different if you are going to shop in Lazada Online Shopping Mall because they provide shoppers methods of payment that are very flexible and suitable to their customer’s needs. On top of the regular credit card payment method which is of course a staple payment method being offered by online shopping websites, lazada Philippines also provide other payment methods like Dragon Pay and the cash on delivery payment service.


I have been shopping in LazadaPH for almost half a year now and have tried to use all of the payment methods that they offer. I would say that my experience was great. I love it that it did not matter what type of payment method I use. Whatever it is that I pay them with always works. I am going share my experience with each type of payment to help you in figuring out what payment method will best suit your payment needs. I will start off with my experience using their credit card payment method. The company accepts both Visa and MasterCard which I both have in my wallet. I am no stranger to credit card transactions online and have been using credit cards copiously to pay for a lot of my purchases whether online or off-line. When I did my first purchase in Lazada, I paid for it using my MasterCard. The shopping checkout process went on smoothly and without any system hiccups or down time. It was a very seamless process. The amount to be paid for was accurately displayed on the screen up to the last cent. There were no hidden fees or surcharges when using a credit card to pay for your purchases in Lazada. The amount that was provided by the computer screen to me during check out was the same exact amount that I saw on my credit card billing statement the following month when it came out. I was so happy that Lazada put the accurate amount on my credit card and did not charge anything in extra. It was also a plus that the website is protected and secured by  PCI-DSS. I pretty much had the same things to say about the other payment method they got called Dragon Pay. Dragon Pay is a payment system where you can go to the nearest convenience store to have the payment remitted to Lazada which is also very convenient in my opinion. Lastly there’s cash on delivery payment which is of course the simplest and the favorite payment method of a lot of shoppers including me. So don’t worry if you don’t have a credit card, you can still enjoy Lazada and pay through other means.


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