The brilliant company that powers Lazada


I found out recently that Lazada Online Shopping Mall is not the stand-alone company that I thought it was. When I was sifting through the big wide world of the Internet searching for information about Lazada Philippines, I was able to uncover some facts that amazed me and piqued my interest. I was able to dig some information about the company that created Lazada. At first, I thought that Lazada is on its own but turns out different. It was created by the highly regarded, long-time successful, veteran online venture builder and powerhouse Internet company with an appropriate sounding name called Rocket-Internet. The name of the company itself suggests success, forward thinking and progressive vision. It is a company that is geared to thrust heavenward and beyond the farthest solar system there is.

What is Rocket-Internet all about and what is it doing? We are going to get in on Rocket-Internet’s role and how it propelled Lazada to where it is at right now. Rocket-Internet’s part in Lazada’s domination of the local online industry is beyond imagination. It literally has a very huge part in Lazada Philippines’ beginnings. To put a premium on its importance to Lazada, I would say and reiterate that Lazada will not come into being if Rocket-Internet is not in its current state of existence. Rocket Internet is the mother of Lazada, where in its womb online shopping greatness was conceived immaculately. It is its one and only purveyor. Let us take a gander into the workings of Rocket-Internet, how it works and how crucial its role is in the development and movement upwards of different online companies (Lazada by the way is not the only online venture that Rocket-Internet have spawned, there are a lot of others and they are equally as successful like our one and only Philippines’ online shopping mall) Anyway, here is Rocket-Internet at a glance. I will not delve into a lot of statistics and figures.

I will merely just provide an outline of what it does and why it is so successful. Rocket Internet is an online start up business incubator. What online start up business incubators do is help a start-up (from the word start-up itself) online company get off the ground, speed up their success rate, lessen the growing pains that they have to go through so to speak thus lessening the risk of early failure. Rocket Internet does this online incubation thing by taking a successful online idea and recreates it somewhere else (just like what they did with Lazada which is, technically speaking an amazon clone that they replicate and put out in Asia). The ideas that they replicate are mostly coming from the United States where a lot of winning internet businesses originated from. It is a very smart business concept given the fact that the company that they cloned normally ends up being bought by the company from which the idea was cloned from. Now that you know what is behind Lazada Philippines and how great the company is, it is time to get off this page, switch to Lazada website and start shopping!

Watch LazadaPH’ Commercial


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