Filipinos’ Love for Karaoke

It’s already been a month since I have arrived in the Philippines. I was sent by my company to work here. I really like the sunny atmosphere (I came from a very cold place) and the warm people. But boy does the heat really pack a punch on the sweat glands every now and then!


The people I work with, mostly Filipinos of course, are very friendly. They invite me to eat out with them and enjoy a few drinks after office hours. I’m really happy I came here. One thing I noticed though is that they really love to sing especially karaoke. I’m not talented in singing so I never liked karaoke. But I can’t complain; “when in Rome,” right?


Filipinos really love to belt it out, huh? I’m not really sure why but when I ask them, they always tell me because it’s fun. Thinking about it, I guess it really is fun since you’re surrounded with good friends and good beer. The crowd can be warm, too. Giving applause now and then especially when someone’s really good at it.


Here’s a nice video of a young Pinay singing karaoke in a mall I found on youtube:


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