Lazada: Payment flexibility for Filipino online customers


As a typical online customer, its only natural for us to seek an advantage or fair leverage over any deal we get involved with. Who wants to be taken advantage of in the first place? There are a lot of online stores who offer same products and discounts but not all offers the same flexibility in payment compared with other online stores. In Asia, online shopping has just started to grow last year. A couple of years back, online shopping was just an imagination to most locals. As we all know, majority of us are non-credit cardholders or even Paypal account users. What is more alarming is that for the portion of us that do have, we are afraid to purchase online. Afraid of hackers getting in touched with our account details once we expose them online.

Also, we it’s no secret that paying something in advance online doesn’t give you the confidence that you’ll get your orders guaranteed. We have to weigh in the credibility of the online store we are buying from. We also check if people who have bought from them in the past were able to receive their orders. It’s actually against all odds if you think about online shopping in the Philippines. We’re not just ready to do online shopping the conventional way unlike other countries, which found online shopping as their preferred or accepted alternative destination to get their shopping needs. One particular website in the country that truly changed how Filipinos perceived online shopping was the arrival of Lazada in the Philippines. They were actually one of the first online shopping malls to introduce a revolutionary alternative payment method that have solved all the initial online shopping woes in the country. Their Cash on Delivery or simply C.O.D. changed everything. This payment method is pretty much how it is read and initially understood. Customers can pay cash as their orders are delivered at their doorsteps. Purchasing of the item will still take place on the website.

But if customers select “C.O.D.” as their payment method during the check out, Lazada Online Mall won’t bill them right away. Unlike when you use the conventional payment method such as via credit card or Paypal account purchase wherein a payment must take place first before shipment is processed by an online store. A customer can simply provide their preferred shipment address and name of the person who will receive the order package.  Once that is done, all they need to do is just wait for the order to arrive on their home. This usually takes 2 to 5 days upon purchasing. There are times that I hear or read that orders are delivered at an earlier date. Some orders even arrive in less than 24 hours, which is absolutely perfect!  Not only do they offer above the fold payment flexibility but they also offer free delivery availability to their customers. As long as an order is beyond one thousand pesos, Lazada will waive the shipment fee of your order.



Lazada Philippines Commercial


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