How far is Lazada willing to go for their customers

how far

People always rely on online stores that will provide them the best online shopping experience. Not to mention that we are just beginning to establish the Ecommerce in the country. Looking a few years back online shopping was never an accepted option in the Philippines. It is not because we don’t want to in the first place, but simply because there were no online malls yet at that time. Everything changed since Lazada was launched across South East Asia. They launched in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and Philippines. Lazada is actually powered by Rocket Internet. A widely known Ecommerce company that is based in Germany. Their business model was simple. Clone successful online stores in other countries and launch it on other countries where the service is still lacking online. What’s great about the launch of Philippines’ Online  Shopping Mall , which obviously is a clone website of Amazon in the United States, is that it allows  Filipinos to experience what online shopping is about. We were used to visiting the malls to go shopping. One reason I can think of on why it became part of our lifestyle is probably because of our parents.


They simply transferred their lifestyle into as they were raising us. But now that we are in the modern digital era, Internet and technology combined makes our life much easier and faster. We now have options to shop online instead of visiting traditional offline malls, which consumes our energy and money at the same time. Online shopping mall like Lazada is more reliable compared to other local online stores. For one, they were the one who introduced C.O.D. or Cash on Delivery in the country. This made online shopping with them possible for any Filipinos. No need to worry about paying online traditionally as this alternative payment method allows them to pay in cash. As for getting scammed online, C.O.D. doesn’t require payment upfront which is the usual setup when buying something online from a typical online store. Customers only need to leave their shipment address and the name of the recipient. They can actually Lazada only after they received their orders. They can even check the item first before paying.


What other online store in the Philippines offer that kind of option to customers? They actually give their customers the upper hand, which is very rare in the online industry. It just shows how dedicated LazadaPH is in bringing the best shopping experience to every Filipino. They are willing to take all the risk just to prove Filipinos how legit and credible they are when people or customers deal with them. To top that, they even offer free delivery availability wherein Lazada will waive the shipment fee if order is worth over one thousand pesos. It’s actually a great advantage for people who want to buy furniture or a huge flat TV. Compared when you buy them in the mall, you still need to pay extra for the delivery fee.



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