Lazada: Online payment flexibility is a priority for any customer


As customer, we always seek the best option or scenario for us. It is only natural since we get the confidence from having the advantage over a situation. On this case, if we are shopping online, we always prefer to have options that we can choose from to better suit our needs. Back in the days in the Philippines, conducting online shopping was a drag for anyone since online stores usually have the upper hand compared to customers. When we buy from online stores, we usually need to pay first before the item you order is shipped out from their warehouse and delivered in your very home. It is quite a discomforting feeling for customers to know that they don’t have control over the process of the online store they dealt with. Not knowing when you will receive the item is stressful. Not to mention, if you already paid for it in advance. This is where website like Lazada is trying to change in the online shopping culture. From the service they offer, it is pretty clear that they want their customers to have the options when dealing with them.


To make it possible, providing customers numerous payment alternatives gives them flexibility. They even offer their customers to pay in cash even if they ordered online from their website which is called Cash on Delivery. They were actually one of the first to introduce such payment method. It allows their customers to order anything and not pay them upfront which is the usual setup between online store and online customer. To me, this is one of key component that made Lazada’s penetration in South East Asia possible. The local consumers in countries like Philippines are not even credit cardholders or Paypal account owners, which made online transaction processing extra difficult for online stores. As for customers, by having the limitation to pay online, it drags them away from the idea of even trying online shopping.


The payment methods being offered by LazadaPH makes online shopping far easier to Filipinos since they can pay in cash and not worry about the traditional online shopping woes in the country. They just need to order from the website. All it takes is a shipment address and recipient name. No need to pay it right away as how typical online stores treats their customers. They are not to blame actually since other countries have majority of their population capable of conducting traditional online transactions. What I like about Lazada is their clear message to Filipinos that they are willing to do whatever it takes to assure us that they intend to make us experience what online shopping can do for us. I think more online shopping malls should have the same approach if they want to tap the untapped market. They should not restrict their online stores to conventional payment options. If any customer can pay in cash from buying in online stores, this will help them grow their untapped market and eventually take the next step for the growth of their company. We can never tell, I’m sure Lazada has more to offer.


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