My Favorite Handheld Game Devices


I’m a gamer but not the hardcore type. I am choosy with my games and I don’t invest all of my time and money to all game titles and consoles. But I’ve had my share of game consoles throughout my childhood and that’s all thanks to my older brother. The very first handheld device I ever played with was a brick game/tetris. I remember discovering a desk drawer full of it. Some are broken, some just needed battery replacements. My dad works at the airport so he finds a lot of stuff there.


Game test

Gamer Test

Anyway, here are my favorite handheld game devices:


Nintendo GameBoy Advance SP – The color was good but SP was better. I really liked its foldable shell. It was very convenient so was its backlight. I tried Nintendo DS but I just didn’t like the dual screen. I don’t think its worth to buy with such a camera and easy-to-lose stylus.


PlayStation Portable – Of course, who wouldn’t love the PSP? It was quite a breakthrough during its very first introduction. The WiFi capability, Skype feature, and many more… ahhh, those were the times.


How about you guys? What were your favorites?



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