Lazada: Still improving and growing after one year


Usually before we come into conclusion on buying something, we tend to assess first what we will be getting in return. Credibility and security both share some influence on our decision making as well. Conventionally, if we want to buy something we usually go to malls to buy what we want. The reason behind this is because stores inside the malls are compliant with the standards such as warranties and returns availability if the item you bought has some factory defect. What we are not fully aware of is that we can still be covered when we buy it from online. Lazada online mall is one of the leading websites that offers the same warranty and returns for any of the items they are selling. It’s similar to what we can get from traditional offline stores except it can be done online and is cheaper since they offer usual discounts. As for the payment reliability, they have a secured line and offer various payment methods. From conventional online payments such as credit cards and Paypal accounts. They also offer innovative payment methods thru Dragon pay and their most popular payment method, which is called Cash on Delivery or C.O.D. for short. Lazada actually is one of their first online malls that introduced C.O.D. option. This allows any Filipino to buy anything from their website and pay in cash instead. All they need to do is provided the shipping address and the recipient name of their order. No need to worry upfront payment, which is the usual setup or process before a regular online store dispatch the order of a customer.


Lazada customers can just sit back and relax until their order is delivered within two to five days. Some even receive their package at an earlier date. They even have what they call “Lazada Promise” that promises their customers they can receive the item within twenty-four hours. Although, these are just for selected items that have “Lazada Promise” seal. On top of all these options, Lazada even offer free delivery availability to their customers. As long as what they order exceeds one thousand worth of purchase. It pretty much shows how much savings you can get if you bought from them instead of a traditional mall. For traditional malls, we always used up a lot of our energy and money just going to the mall. What Lazada does is they bring their mall at your very home. For online shopping malls, you can shop anytime you want and where you prefer. You can even shop using your smartphone. They just recently launched a mobile app the ease the online shopping experience via smartphones. Overall, you can see how Lazada is striving really hard to deliver the best online shopping experience to their customers. They came along way and had a few bumpy roads along the way. But after a year of service (they recently celebrated their first year anniversary last April 4, 2013), they showed a drastic improvement from their service flaws in the past such as their delivery service.



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