So secured so safe… That’s Lazada


A lot of things can be purchased through online shopping websites. That’s true. The only thing is that, not everything you see online is what it says it is. Online consumers should be cognizant of this fact specifically the first timers. I am just glad that I didn’t have to worry about those mundane things in this already chaotic mess because we got the most divine thing ever unleashed into the Philippine e-commerce universe Lazada . Being an educated and highly intelligent consumer with a grey matter that pumps out power better than the fastest supercomputer out there (nah I am just kidding, just trying to shake things up a little bit) I am very critical when it comes to getting into online shopping websites. In order to filter out the bad ones, I got a set of determining factors that helps me in making an informed decision when it comes to choosing websites. Here are just some of the couple of things that I do, when I get on an online shopping website, I would usually scrutinize the URL, and what in god’s green earth is a URL? I know that tech stuff is boring but I am going to unload some of that tech stuff on you, anyway a URL or uniform resource locator is the website address.


It is a specific string of characters that creates a reference to a resource. It basically allows you to find a website you are looking for. Now that you what URL means, I am going to tell you what you should be looking for to determine if a certain online shopping website or any website for that matter is safe and secured, the thing that you should be looking for are the first string of characters on the URL, the website address should start with an “https” rather than “http”, so what is the difference then? The other one is just missing a letter “s”, well that’s the crucial thing there, the letter is means “secured” so if you got that letter “s” on your “http” then that means you can go ahead and dive in.


Another thing that I look for is a seal of approval from an online security organization. Lazada has the seal of approval from PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) This company ensures that the website is free from security threats and vulnerabilities. They specialize mainly in auditing websites that process credit card transactions and like what I have said, Lazada has their seal of approval and that gives confidence especially to credit card users like me. Another way to determine an online shopping websites reliability is by checking on the delivery company that they are in partnership with. Think about it, delivery is the main thing in online shopping because that is how the company can get their products to the customers. So I checked who they are using and I found out that they use LBC and 2GO for their courier services which are of course leading companies in the business. Knowing all of those quick facts about Lazada I can confidently say that this company is as reliable as they can be. You are definitely guaranteed a stress and worry-free online shopping experience.




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