My Favorite PS3 Games

I’ve been a PlayStation fan ever since PlayStation 1. I enjoyed PS2 and spent happy hours with it. It still functions even if a lot of dust has already accumulated. I recently bought my own PS3 (I’m not rich enough to buy earlier or during new release) and so far, I’m a very happy camper.

Here are my favorite games so far:

  • Final Fantasy 13 – With so many stories, characters, settings already created, I am amazed how FF makers can continue to come up with amazing and unique worlds. And each of them is a winner for me. I love the heroine of FF13 so much I have her as my mobile phone wallpaper. Tee-hee!

final fantasy

Game Screencap

  • Final Fantasy 13-2 – Although I am a fan of the previous version’s heroine, I still enjoyed playing this game. It was a bit confusing but that was part of the challenge. I also enjoy seeing how the story progress from the first one.

final fantasy 2

Game cover

  • God of War 3 – Who doesn’t like GOW, right? But yeah, I’m mentioning that here since I did enjoy playing it. The storyline got me hooked, too. Of course, I wanted to know how Kratos’ story would end.

god of wars

Cool God of War3 Artwork

  • Heavenly Sword – Many claim it is the female alter-ego of GOW and I agree but it has its uniqueness and own charm, too. I love the gutsy heroine; reminded me of Lara Croft and Kratos at the same time. It was a nice game to play. Too bad it was rather short.

heavenly swrod

Awesome Nariko cosplay

How about you guys? What are/were your favorites? Maybe I’d give them a try, too. J


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