Lazada: A rare advantage for customers in online shopping awaits

COD available2

As a customer, we used to weigh in numerous factors on whether to proceed with a transaction. This may include whom you are dealing with, coverage of the warranty, benefits that we will be getting if we avail whatever the item is at hand. Those are some of the factors only that we usually think about first. These are mostly for offline transactions. Nowadays in this digital era where everything is supported by technology, it makes our lives much easier. On this case, we now have online shopping as an alternative way to buy what we want. Although this gives us certain advantages over offline shopping, we get additional details to look forward to before finalizing a transaction online. We got online security issues, which is one of the reasons why local Internet users are not very fond of using them. Conventionally, we use credit cards or wire transfer whenever we want to buy something online. Beyond that, it will be impossible to deal with online stores. Customers usually worry about exposing their credit card details online to hackers that may lead to bigger problems for them down the road.


Not to mention, majority of our population are actually non-credit cardholders or unable to conduct conventional online payments. Good thing that we now have online shopping malls such as Lazada, which just launched last year. Thanks to them, online shopping has significantly increased over time. Their introduction of C.O.D. which stands for Cash on Delivery” helped local Internet users to experience online shopping despite not having the capability to pay online conventionally. They simply allow their customers to pay in cash after they deliver their orders at their very homes.  Cash on Delivery allows anyone to buy anything from the lazada website. All they need to do is provide their shipping address and name of the recipient. No need to worry about paying the online store upfront which is the conventional way of paying online. Filipinos who don’t own a credit card will now have a chance to experience online shopping. It’s actually an untapped market that has big potential. By capturing this untapped audience in the past, this allows the online shopping mall to expand their market reach. This payment setup helped Ecommerce flourished in the country.


Since then, a lot of local online shopping malls where launched. Looking back a couple of years ago, online shopping wasn’t even considered by many Filipinos. Their impact in the Ecommerce landscape truly changed how local businessmen and customers think of online shopping as an alternative-shopping destination. On top of this game changing online payment method, which technically is still offline, they still offer free delivery availability to their customers as long as they exceed one thousand pesos of overall order value. Their package of free delivery availability and C.O.D. is actually a very enticing option to anyone in my own opinion since we have the advantage over the online store which is very rare.



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